What is clinical research?

  • Clinical research is the way in which we get new therapies, devices and medications to the general public. Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of the medicines and devices that are being developed. Companies developing the medicines and devices are known as biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves all medicines and devices before they are available to consumers.

Why should I participate in clinical research?

  1. Participating in clinical research can have benefits for you and for others in the future. By participating in clinical trials, you could receive  diagnostic assessments that may not otherwise be available. The results from clinical trials help determine if a medicine or medical device is ready for patients or if it needs to undergo more testing. As a patient, you have an opportunity to contribute to the advancement of medicine through clinical research participation.
  2. Clinical research participation has the potential to offset the cost of care and improve health outcomes while enhancing engagement in one’s health.

Who can participate in clinical research?

  • Clinical trials are open to all patients for consideration. Each clinical trial includes different eligibility criteria. Your doctor may recommend a clinical trial that he or she believes is an appropriate option for you to consider. If you are interested in a specific clinical trial, ask your care provider, a nurse or the Clinical Trial Navigator at your Care Center to assess appropriate clinical trials for you.

Who is Javara?

  • Javara is the clinical research service partner for OBGYN Medical Center Associates. Together, Javara and OBGYN Medical Center Associates are bringing more clinical trials to patients in the Gulf Coast region.